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10 Website Mistakes That Can Affect SEO

For a website to look and perform at its best, it must have state-of-the-art visual and architectural design. This lends a contemporary look to the website and makes it appealing enough for the user to browse through.

However, a website needs to show up in the initial search result pages for attracting relevant visitor traffic. There are some key guidelines which should be kept in mind while designing the front and back end of the website.

Graphic links should be avoided

Search engines cannot recognize links on the website made in graphics. While design wise they may look appealing; it will negatively impact the search engine optimization process.

Avoid using Flash

Search engines are programmed to avoid displaying content made in Flash software, on mobile and handheld devices. Instead, use creative images to ensure that they are displayed correctly.

Using invisible texts

Earlier, search engine optimization involved using invisible texts on websites for a higher ranking. However, now search engine algorithms detect the presence of invisible text and bookmark the site as being not good for search result visibility.

Don?t stuff your landing page with keywords

Having a separate gateway page with an overdose of your keywords is a bad idea. It used to be done earlier to enable search engine crawlers to read the keyword density and return the website in the search result.

Pay attention to the title tag

Title tag is the words which the user can see on the browser?s top bar. You must use your keywords on this tag as it instantly helps the search engine to recognise your site as being relevant to the search query.

Your content should talk only about your business

Content that is inconsistent with the nature of your product or service will end up blocking your site from the relevant search queries and lead to consistently reducing visitor traffic.

Use Word Tracker to identify your precise keywords

To reach your potential customers who are searching for your product or service, you need to have the optimum mix of keywords on your website. Word Tracker helps you choose these words which, when strategically placed across your website, ensure a high page rank.

Frames are for your eyeglasses

Seriously, building a website with frames is the costliest digital mistake you will ever commit. It is extremely difficult for search engines to index websites that are made with frames, thus affecting your page ranking and visitor traffic.

Update your website to match the algorithms

With search engines now regularly updating their search algorithms, your site should match them in content as well as front, and back end architecture.

Building bad links

Building links on web destinations that are banned and dubious,is a sure way of attracting manual and algorithmic penalization from search engines.

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