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A CD-ROM presentation is a "offline website" or stand alone Flash projector file that is contained on a CD. To access a presentation of this nature the user simply needs to insert the CD into a PC or laptop and does not need access to the Internet. The presentation can be created in Macromedia Flash or HTML. CD-ROM presentations also make use of an Auto run feature which automatically begins the presentation after the user has inserted the CD into a PC or laptop.

Benefits of CD-ROM Presentations

  • You do not need an Internet connection to view a CD-ROM presentation. .
  • Since it is contained on a CD, it is portable and can be distributed or presented by company reps.
  • There are no problems with slow download or bad Internet connections.
  • Big files such as music and crisp ,compression free images can be used.
  • Expands your corporate ID beyond your website, brochure and business card.

We can help you convert your

  • Print catalog
  • Web site
  • your product photographs
  • your company profile into a CD.