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Why is CD Presentation needed when we have already a Website?

Frequently updated websites are favored by all the major Search Engines, a website When You already have a website thats good as many people who has accessibility to Web can go through your products / Services and give you required feedback, but what about those who want to go through your products / service in a presentable manner and carry along all the time to places where they feel they would be presenting your products/ services like in a Trade Fair, Schools, Colleges, Board Meetings, Exhibitions. in that case CD Presentation is a good option.

Well, how much time does it take to develop these kind of presentations?

It really depends on the input given by you and the presentation you want us to show. You can contact us in this regard for more assicatance

Can i run these CD Presentations CD in only a PC or i can even run in VCD Format?

Yes! you can run these presentation not only for PC based but even on TVs CDs you can run it there.

Can i make my product displayed with a kind of animations?

Yes! You can very well display list of your products with each product being animated and describing itself, more precisely called as self descriptive.

Can i store them in only CD not in other format like USB Drive or on any other storage media?

Yes! You can store these presentation in any media you wish to.

What all Types of CD Presentation can you work for us?

We have a team of Developers who process CD Presentation work, like some of the works which are already done by us are Realtors Presentation, Textile Presentation, Jobs Presentation, Hosting Company Presentation, Computer Hardware Company Presentation, Product Oriented Presentations, Matrimonial Presentation.