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There are many reasons for redesigning your website. Some are obvious and some are not so obvious. Here is a list of our top 7 reasons.

Making your website look more attractive and eye-catchy

Recent studies have shown that people form an opinion of a website within the first three seconds of looking at it. If you're trying to sell a product or service, you should put your best foot forward.

Your website doesn't have to be a work of cutting-edge art, but it does need to look good.

Remember, it's the first impression your business is making on the potential customer.

Your copy lies about you

The market has done a 360°. Your customer has changed and so has your competition. You are no longer selling the same vision, and in some really bad cases, not even the same product(s). Your website is, essentially, lying about what you do and why you do it.

Stay ahead of your competition

The web makes it easy for people to find information about your company and services at the click of a button. The down side is that this holds true for your competitors as well.

It's important for your website to make an impact and stay ahead. Surfers are an impatient and fickle lot and usually make up their mind about a site in a few seconds. Your website needs to out-do your competition or you'll face losing valuable clients. Spend a bit of time looking at your competition; analysing competitor's sites is one of the most important parts of the redesign process. How does your website compare to theirs? If they are 'better' than yours it's definitely time for a redesign. If your site is of a similar standard you may think it unnecessary to redesign, but it's much better to be leading the pack than following.

Organization can make all the difference

One of the main reasons that you may want to consider getting a website redesign is because your website is currently unorganized. Chances are that there is information scattered throughout your entire website, without any rhyme or reason. If this is the case, then chances are that people may not understand your website when they visit it. By deciding to redesign your website, you could be making a huge difference in the success of your website.

Attract more visitors

Just because something is there doesn't mean people will come and use it. If people have never heard of your site, don't know what's there and don't know how to get there why on earth would you expect them to visit it?

A site redesign can help you attract more visitors in a number of ways. Building search engine 'findability' into a new site is much more effective than trying to increase your findability once a site has been built. Your site also needs to offer visitors useful information that helps them achieve their goals.

If your visitors' goals - and your business objetives - are not the focus of your website, it's time to think about a redesign.

Promote an event or product launch

The launch of a new product or event might be the catalyst to consider a website redesign. If your current website fails to do an event or product launch justice you could damage its success. A website tailored to the needs of the event/product launch is far more effective than trying to shoehorn it into your website.

Communicate with your customers

What better way to raise your organisations profile than by announcing a new improved website delivering what your customers want in a clear usable fashion. The launch of a new website is a great excuse to contact your customers and strenghten your relationship with them.