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Sellers Beware : Your buyers have changed , Have you?

The Way The World Shops…

Gone are the days when shopping meant going to the shops and skirting around the market to buy your favorite piece of clothing, shoes or jewelry! Technology has virtually made the world available at your fingertips…and that includes shopping…

And it’s not just shopping…Be it reviews, new product or just information, people are searching online for reviews for before they visit a newly opened restaurant, going on a vacation or buying latest smart phone…

How customer actions are changing

Taobao, Amazon ,eBay, alibaba,Flipkart etc.. are the major players in online marketing and have changed the way we shopped. Not only these but there are many more ecommerce sites which are an indication that more and more people are turning to online shopping, thanks to the convenience it offers, not to mention the fantastic discounts they offer. People are buying anything and everything online, right from clothes and fashion accessories to electronics and even groceries and fruits!

The point here is that we are experiencing a mindset change. With the advent of smartphones and its increasing number of users, online shopping is the new mantra and this trend will persist for a long, long time tocome.

And it’s not just about buying product, whether it is buying railway tickets or booking hotels, or research if a particular service is good enough, the first thing people do is to ‘Google’ it..

People spontaneously make informed decisions while buying online. Food review sites like Zomato thrive with users eloquent on their gastronomic excellence. You can find product reviews on about almost anything!

Many sites offer price comparison from online retailers at one place! People also look into social media for a personal introspection of the preferred service. Also, many e-commerce sites integrate their platforms with facebook. Users can directly post their comments below their purchases.

Anytime you switch on the TV nowadays, ads from online retail stores maintain huge viewing times. Mobile internet shopping is rapidly transforming the scenario. All sites are active 24/7, and people can place orders just anytime! This has also led services to maintain customer support in 24/7 cycles. The bottomline – online business is here to stay!

Here is your cue

Maxing optimal use of Internet as Marketing Media

You need to make your presence felt in the online world. Having a website is just the beginning, but if you really want to take your business to the next level or achieve rapid growth, you need to interact with your target audience through various online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blog posts and more…

Connect with your audiences, get an insight into what their choices and preferences are and tailor your products according to their needs.

Sellers Beware…Your buyers have changed…Have you?

Developing a good website is of paramount importance. The internet appreciates originality. Your site should be able to express your sincerity to provide the best service in your niche. You must have a strong foundation of brand values to define a unique position in an incredibly tough competitive market. Sellers need to find a good service helping with the full spectrum of online promotions. Sites have to implement organic Search Engine Optimization strategies to strive for a high place in Google. Also, companies need to be active on social media in a positive way.

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